Lee Harris was born in Chicago. He earned his BS, MBA-Northern Illinois University in Marketing/Product Management. Lee was the Founder and President of Lee Harris Realty from 1979-1994 and is currently a real estate developer and investor. He has been a glass sculptor and metalsmith since 1994. He is a family man, married with daughters and three granddaughters. His interests include art, human rights, animals, animal rights/welfare, travel, antiques, classic & sports cars, political and social activism.


“Lee, your work shows great passion –
you remind me of my friend – David Bennett.
I’m very busy, but you can come to my studio, and assist me”
-Pino Signoretto

“Lee should not look at Maestros with so much reverence,
he has as much talent as any of them, and more passion!”
– Maestro Elio Quarisa

“Lee has a gift from God (glass sculpting skills)…what do you think of that!”
– Charles Lotton to Lee’s wife, Tarie